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Victorian House Remodel Adds Charm And Mystery To The Build

Victorian House Remodel Adds Charm And Mystery To The Build

An old Victorian terraced house from London recently was recently refurbished and expanded and the project has some really inspiring features worth checking out. The house is situated in the Southern part of the city and the extension was done towards the back, leaving the front of the building looking fairly the same for the most part.

This was a project completed in 2020 by bureau de change architects. Their strategy was to update the existing house with some new features like big windows and a clean and fresh decor but also to retain a lot of the original architecture which added character and authenticity to the build.

The extension of the house comes in the form of a series of interlocking volumes with steel frames and glass walls. These are staggered and organized around the back of the house, expanding the existing areas and adding new ones at the same time. The whole interior of the house was redesigned as well and some of the spaces were repositioned and reimagined. A new master suite and a guest area were set up on the second floor, leaving the ground floor open and ideal for a large social area.

Unlike a typical contemporary house, this place is not fully open and has a more complex design. It’s a combination of smaller interlocking volumes rather than just one big space. That way not everything is revealed at once. As one guest deeper inside, new areas are discovered and that gives the different spaces an intimate and welcoming feel. There’s also a really nice dialogue between the different rooms, some of which are really bright and some which are a bit darker. Each is unique and special and this adds authenticity and character to the house as a whole.

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