Union Square Cafe, Remarkable Classic Place To Enjoy The Meal

Union Square Cafe is one of a unique café that located in Manhattan. Owned by Danny Meyer Institution, this café has got some design interior touch from Rockwell Group. In which this design idea is to bring the restaurant to look like a new place but still with the old ambience. Therefore, it is then created with minimalist, classic and elegance look. Which makes people curious to have some lunch or dinner at this place. If want to know further, check on below, several pictures of this awesome restaurant.

The Restaurant

This restaurant have a classic design that can be seen in the overal interior which made of wood. The stairs and the floor is good combining each other in a natural brown color. Not to mention the bar table that has the similar interior. Therefore, this place feel so classic but also comfortable at the same time.

The Lighting

To make the café feel more beautiful, a wide window concept is selected to bring the sunlight can freely coming in. Therefore, the café lighting is quite bright in the morning to afternoon. Furthermore, it also completed with enough lighting inside the café to make sure that this room will keep bright when the night is coming. It can be seen in below pictures.

The Interior

To give additional touch, the café also completed with various abstract pictures in the wall. Combine with a white painted wall, the café look so romantic. Furthermore, there is a  color combination in other parts of this café. Making this place feel unique but also comfortable to spend the whole day while meeting someone.

It can be seen in below pictures, the interior is not the only thing that makes people come to this place. A comfort situation, fast service and a good taste of food also a major concern. Look at below pictures, how full is this place in their daily hours.

Overall, Union Square Cafe is designed with full of comfortable but keeping their classic style too. Therefore, people who usually comes to that place will still feel those ambience. Furthermore, the lightning and the interior is match each other to bring a good appearance for the visitor. Making this café is a really suitable place to have a great lunch or dinner.

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