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Tamta Namas Residential

Tamta Namas Residential

If you looking at modern house interior with a Rock and Roll style design, then Tamta Namas Residential might sound a good sample to see. Build in Vilnius within the house in Pavilnys, this house architecture and design is minimalist but also very cool at the same time. The selection of the interior combine with a great furniture, result a cool look and design at the house area. If want to know further, below are some overview of this house.

The House

This modern house has a very nice of touch inside. Starting from the guitar collection in the wall up to the stylish cushion at the sofa. All the interior is select carefully to bring an energic energy for the people who lives in this place. Therefore, it is important to pay attention on the details including when selecting the right design and supporting interior.

The Kitchen

If we go through to the other part of the house, mainly in the kitchen area, it can be seen that the whole kitchen concept is quite modern. Furthermore, it also look minimalist by selecting white color painting all over the kitchen area. The lighting also bright enough and all over the room get sufficient light at night too. Overall, it is combining the natural brown color with white minimalis modern style. This is why most of the furniture and the dining chair also dominant with white color.

The Bathroom

The bathroom also has modern style. The selected interior is modern too. The bathroom area is quite spacious, making the people feels comfort to have a bath inside it. A sauna unit is added for relaxation. Therefore, it can said a complete design of bathroom for a luxury living experience.

Others Room

When we walk through the bedroom, it is full of white color painting combine with attractive color of furniture. All the furniture design concept is minimalist, making the space inside the room look spacious enough to do any business. While looking at the studio, there is a full of guitars collection and complete music equipment. Making this place look so “Rock and Roll”. This can be a good sample for musician house that full of music spirit.

Those all the interior design of Tamta Namas Residential. This is a nice place to stay. More over it has a unique taste of design. Therefore, choosing this kind of design will make the house look different but still modern enough. If you have a plan to design an energic house, then this house architecture and design might be suitable for follow. (Source : PRUSTA)

Namas Palangoje, Minimalist House With White Bright Prusta – In The Mood House Architecture

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