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Taj Mahal Palace, A Nice Luxury Hotel

Taj Mahal Palace, A Nice Luxury Hotel

Rockwell Group in Mumbai, India has successfully renovate the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel at 2010. This renovation bring a luxury look into the hotel. Therefore, many tourist loves and interest to come int his hotel. While reserving area might be limited, specially on weekend. Everyone interest to stay a night in here and feel the luxurious service including luxurious facilities. If feel more curious on this place, here are several attractive pictures of Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel.

Hotel Front Area

If looking at the front area, you will definitely feel amazing with this hotel. It has a nice and classic front room design. Therefore, the guest will feel comfort and feel the ambience of the luxury inside this hotel. Furthermore, the front area also quite spacious to receive many guests. Hence, it will make sure that every guest can well received here. The classic and minimalist look of this hotel, making people loves to come and visit here frequently.

The Bar and Restaurant

One of the best part of this hotel is at the bar and restaurant area. Many peoples enjoy to order some light food and drink in this area while talking on anything. Not only have a good design, it also bring comfortable feeling for everyone who enjoy this place. Whether just for hangout or craving for any food. The ambience is perfect to enjoy either on lunch or dinner. Therefore, it always a wonderful place to stay.

The Room

Not only the hotel facilities, when we’re looking at the room, it will bring us more overview on how great is the hotel service. The room in this hotel is very nice and comfort. The same way as the other luxury hotels, it provides an excellent services and facilities for the guests. The entire room equipped with a bathroom that clean and minimalist with natural color dominant. Therefore, it feels nature and comfortable at all.

Those all the pictures and design of Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel. A nice and luxury hotel that guarantee will make anyone who visit this place feel awesome and satisfy. Not only luxury, but it also completed with many facilities. Therefore, coming to this place will bring an remarkable experience ever. (Source: Rockwell Group)

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