Summitridge Interiors, The Modern Mid Century European Style House Interior

A very artistic house interior is developed in Beverly Hills, California. This house called with Summitridge Interiors consist of modern style that combine with feminine touch. Furthermore, it adopts the mid-century European arts to blend with this style. Therefore, the overall interior look unique, beautiful, smart and artistic. If curious with this type of interiors, below are several overview and pictures.

The Living Room

Looking at the living room area below, it is full of minimalist design and color. It can be seen from the white painting wall that combine with natural color at the roof and the floor. Making this place looks charm and calm too. Furthermore, it has several unique stuffs such as cool lighting and combine with minimalist sofa. This Vladimir Kagan Serpentine sofa look so modern and full of art. Comes from the mid century, it combine with similar color of table. Making this room look modern and awesome at the same time.

The Balcony

Looking at the balcony area, it also full with modern minimalist furniture. It also still dominant with white color combine with simple natural table with soft brown color. The combination make this area not only look soft, but also very comfort to stay. Therefore, stay here for hours to see the surrounding nature view will feel exciting.

The Bed And Bath Room

Come to the private area, bed room and bath room, this two rooms also has a simple modern concept. The lighting and the room color is soft and nude. The furniture look very nice and comfort. Overall, it is a nice interior and a perfect Summitridge Interiors design concept.

The Dinning Room and Kitchen

If we go through the other part of the house, we can see the concept in the dining room. It consist of a beautiful minimalis dining table and chair. The selected color is inline with the neutral color inside the room. Therefore, it bring a simple look and ambience too. Furthermore, a touch of mid-century lighting add a unique concept in the room. Not to mention the wide window for a beautiful view while enjoying the meal.

Those all the overview of Summitridge Interiors that apply in this beautiful modern house in US. Not only look beautiful, but it also bring a comfortable ambience. Therefore, this kind of house interior is suitable to choose if we look for a new concept of modern classic living. {Source: Marmol-Radziner)

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