Kaufmann House Interiors, A Minimalist Living Concept

Another minimalis and modern house design is well interpretant through Kaufmann house interiors. This house have a simple concept that blend and mix together with natural color and a beautiful view. Therefore, it can say as a house that bring a great living concept which stylish, modern and comfortable. For further details of this design, below are several pictures shown the concept of this Kaufmann house interiors.

The Living Room

The living room area can look spacious due to the selection of wide window. It also directly face the swimming pool to bring a great and fresh view from inside the house. Complete with selection of wooden material with natural color, the room look bright and full of sunlight.

The Bed and Bath Room

The bedroom is full with plywood furniture. Selecting a concept with soft color is suitable for this design. Plus, the bathroom also design with the same concept. A quite unique idea but also brilliant. Therefore, anyone who stay here will enjoy their moment plus feeling relax.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen area is dominant with soft color that mix with white background wall painting. It looks very neat and minimalist. But, in the other side it feels modern and simple too. The dining set is made of wooden material and the overall location is spacious. So that people can enjoy their meal in a happiness situation.

The Yard

Going to the other part of the house, the yard is full of green plants and complete with a blue swimming pool area. This make the place suitable to enjoy the day mainly during a hot sunny day. Furthermore, it also complete with a selection of soft color couch to hangout together. Overall, it is a perfect place to spend the day.

Overall, Kaufmann house interior successfully bring a unique touch of interiors that bring the house look simple but still modern too. Furthermore, it dominant with natural color that make the surrounding get a small classic touch. By selecting plywood material, the place able to show a different living concept that suitable for those who loves minimalist design with an open space area. (Source: Marmol Radziner)

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