A Subdued Color Palette In This Contemporary Apartment | P&D Associates

A Subdued Color Palette In This Contemporary Apartment | P&D Associates

This 2647 sq ft apartment is located in the city of sun-Surat. Commissioned by a business man, the brief was to relive the word luxury in its true sense sufficient enough for the conjugal family. The spaces are beautifully articulated to hold the entire house in a nice story-telling way with its colors, elements and furniture selection.

The materials hold the space strongly with a particular color palette. On skinny legs, the furniture in this living room seems to be floating above the floor, bringing a sense of weightlessness to the space. This unique living space features smoke grey tones everywhere you see, with a velvety finish bespoke rug matching the center table just right. Creating a quiet backdrop free of dissonance to facilitate accent colors, we chose to use a subdued color palette throughout this entire luxury apartment.

With no concession on the quality of materials used, this residence truly delivers the ability to create understated luxury and deliver a harmonious living experience. In this luxurious apartment, the understated lovely and sophisticated interior design converges and set a tone of tranquility: at this contemporary apartment, the entire design plan involved spotlighting a particular color in each room.

Who lives here:  it’s a conjugal family consisting middle age couple with their son.

  1. Describe the family (like who lives here)

The family is owned by business man with a helping wife who handles home as well as the office. And they have a growing son who stays with them. The family has simple living with high standards.


Gusty and accessibility were given top most priority for the resident which is reflected in its open-plan layout, making the spaces airy and clutter free.

Living room / bar:

It’s a light and airy styled space that combines a range of eclectic statements, from modern to contemporary. Smoke grey walls, soft finishes and clean lines dominate these interiors, with brass rod running along the periphery on walls separating white Italian marble from the smoky grey paint. The brass rod connects the living space to dinning and kitchen spaces.

Master bedroom:

Breezy and cozy feel of the room with terrain color palette and darker terrazzo selection gave a clean and simple look to the room. A custom made lamp breaks the simplicity of the room, making it look bold and humble at the same time.

Kid’s room:

Various hues of a warm grey color are used to make this youth’s bedroom feel warm, welcoming, and visually interesting. A few pops of muted red and blue, such as sofa, red velvet rug and bookshelves details with leather finish reading chair ,helps the bedroom to feel “alive” without being jarring.



Primarily we have used Italian marble for flooring, wall have stone cladding with the inlay of brass rode.

And all customized furniture.

Fact File:

Design Firm: P&D Associates

Location: SURAT

Year built: 2018

Size: 2647sq.ft.

Type: Apartment

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms

Principal designer – devang Patel, pratik siddhpura.

PHOTOGRAPHER – Photographix India, Sebastian Zachariah, Ira Gosalia


P&D Associates, Bharuch, was founded in 2009 by Pratik Siddhpura and Devang Patel, are its principal designers. Since its establishment, P&D Associates has grown to be one of the premiere Interior design as well as Civil and Architectural planning firms in the city of Bharuch. Partik Siddhpura holds a Bachelors degree in Interior design from NIFD, Baroda and Devang Patel holds a Diploma in Interior design from NIFD, Baroda.

Prior to setting up P&D Associates, they were senior designers at a leading Interior design and Architectural consultancy firm in Baroda, with a total of 9 years experience between them.
The firm believes in creating contemporary spaces that are functional and reflective of their client’s lifestyle. They lay a lot of emphasis on two key words- Simplicity and Elega nce and draw inspiration from them in all their work.


Devang Patel                                            Pratik Siddhpura

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