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A Magnificent Alpine Retreat High Up In The Beautiful Montana Landscape

A Magnificent Alpine Retreat High Up In The Beautiful Montana Landscape

The beautiful Montana landscape is best admired from high altitudes, where the magnificent views unfold in the most impressive and breathtaking way. A cozy spot from where to enjoy all of that is a ranch house built by Kma Architects.

It’s located in Big Sky, on a 160 acre site at an altitude of over 2400 meters (8000 feet). From up here, the mountains look superand it’s quite easy to start feeling overwhelmed by the landscape. Luckily, this house provides a cozy refuge. The interior was done by Lisa Kanning Interior Design and is absolutely stunning.

There’s a lot to take in once you start to discover all that this beautiful property has to offer. A love for horses becomes immediately apparent once reaching the site, given away by the barns, riding facility and the beautiful green pastures.

The atmosphere outside is very tranquil and calming. Inside, one is greeted by an entryway decorated with cowhide panels on the walls. This sets the tone for a very special kind of interior design, once that’s defined by materials such as natural timber, iron, stone, leather and very rich textures.

The ambiance inside is warm and welcoming. The spaces however are not small but even the big and open ones are beautifully balanced between formal and casual. A big stone fireplace creates a cozy sitting area in front of it and large windows bathe the living room in natural sunlight. Big custom-made iron chandeliers hang from the ceiling which is covered in reclaimed wood and colorful artwork and decorations make this big space feel like a very inviting family room.

A live edge dining table is complemented by upholstered armchairs and casual bench-like sofas for a casual and comfortable feel. There’s also a more casual setup with small square-shaped metal tables, chairs with woven backs and a big comfy bench in front of the windows. A lot of the furnishings, light fixtures and decorations were custom-made by the designer.

To mention a few features stand out, there’s an accent log decorated with wood slices in the TV room, a hallway with tree trunks as space dividers, a magnificent bed with a sculptural frame made of trunks and tree branches and a lovely branch chandelier in the dining area. Also, the wine cellar down below has the most charming entrance: a door with a big metal lock, a frame with missing sections and a hole instead of a window that makes it look as if this whole space has been slowly decaying over time.

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