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25 Stunning New Kitchen Basksplash Ideas: Marble, Lively and Glassy!

25 Stunning New Kitchen Basksplash Ideas: Marble, Lively and Glassy!

When it comes to home renovations, the kitchen is the space that heads the list and does so by a comfortable margin. Homeowners all over the world first turn to the kitchen when they feel they have the time and energy for a quick makeover. Of course, many of these renovations involve functional aspects and ergonomics are placed above aesthetics in here. But there are times when we want to give the modern social kitchen a quick visual upgrade and do so while adding something trendy and eye-catching. This is where a new backsplash comes in! The kitchen backsplash when changed can completely alter the appeal of the space and uplift even the dullest of kitchens.

Hexagonal tile with 3D pattern enlivens the contemporary kitchen in style [From: Wanda Ely Architect]


Before you choose a new kitchen backsplash, we would like to share with you some of the most popular options of the season. These involve the timeless sophistication of marble, contemporary playfulness of 3D pattern and the staple, colorful beauty of back-painted glass backsplashes. Each one is special in its own way and offers something different. And every single idea in here is one that promises to uplift the style quotient of your kitchen instantly!

Going Down the Marble Route

The marble backsplash in the kitchen is an idea that leaves everyone impressed. Latest kitchen models from some of the biggest makers across the world have started to embrace natural stone in the last few years. This makes the marble backsplash even more apt in the contemporary kitchen and it gives you a ‘blank canvas’ or sorts that allows other bright colors, metallic accents and smart features to make a bigger visual impact. Marble backsplashes are easy to clean and maintain with their natural imperfections and pattern elevating the overall narrative.

Glittering metal pendants stand in contrast to the light white backdrop and marble backsplash [From: studio PPARK]
Marble kitchen backsplash feels both energetic and elegant in the smart kitchen [From: JKA Design]
Marble makes a grand statement in this modern kitchen [From: New Generation Home Improvements]
Natural pattern of the marble adds even more elegance to the kitchen
Transitional kitchen in white with a fabulous marble backsplash
White and marble modern kitchen with dark pendant lights [From: Urban Kitchens]
Beautiful kitchen with wooden cabinets and marble backsplash [From: Rodriguez Studio Architecture]
Dark cabinets and pendants in the light white kitchen with a unique backdrop
Dark hood in black with metal finishes stands in contrast to the white marble backsplash

Lively Pattern that Comes Alive

Pattern in the kitchen is generally not overused because you already have all the kitchenware, appliances and cabinets creating different ‘visual pockets’. But in the large and minimal kitchen with a curated, contemporary look, the patterned backsplash is a fun and lively choice that makes sense. New tile patterns with 3D effect and hexagonal motifs are the most popular options in this category. These tiles can be used either in neutral colors like white and gray or come in brighter, colorful options that venture beyond the mundane. Choose a backsplash here that fits in perfectly with the overall theme and style of the open plan kitchen.

Fun hexagonal tiled backsplash for the white and yellow modern kitchen
Gray hexagonal tiled kitchen backsplash is a popular choice you cannot go wrong with [From: Suzi Appel Photography]
Stunning kitchen backsplash brings geo style to this dashing modern kitchen [From: Göser Tile Studio]
Vivacious multi-colored, tiled backsplash for the modern kitchen [From: GCDD Group]
All-white kitchen with a 3d-tiled backsplash that adds pattern without altering the color scheme [From: Angela Rasmussen]
Beautiful and custom backsplash adds to the farmhouse style of the kitchen [From: FireRock Building Materials]
Spacious kitchen with 3d-tiled backsplash and cabinets that bring a dash of yellow [From: gail owens photography]

Beautiful Back-Painted Glass

The back-painted glass backsplash is nothing new or revolutionary in itself. But it still is a choice that constantly sits at the top end of the trends charts because of its uncluttered look and ease of maintenance. Adding color while shaping a backsplash that is easy to clean, the back-painted glass surfaces can be used in kitchens of every style. From brilliant red and vivacious violet to understated gray and mellow yellow, the options here are endless indeed.

Couple pattern with the back painted glass backsplash for a more energetic kitchen [From: Venetian Studios]
Custom back-painted glass backsplash in gray is a rarity even in the contemporary kitchen [From: thirdstone inc]
Gorgeous blue back-painted backsplash for the kitchen with wooden cabinets [From: Mark Brand Architecture]
Sizzling splash of aubergine for the modern white kitchen
Stunning scarlet back-painted glass backsplash steals the show in this kitchen [From: Guardian InGlass]
Think beyond just color for the brilliant back-painted kitchen backsplash [From: Lucy G Printed Image Splashbacks]
Back-painted glass backsplash in green for the modern white kitchen [From: MN Builders]
Brilliant backsplash in red for the all-white contemporary kitchen [From: Lisa Sten – Harrell Remodeling]

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