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15 Wine Bottle Decor Ideas – Easy With A Touch Of Magic

15 Wine Bottle Decor Ideas – Easy With A Touch Of Magic

Just like Mason jars, wine bottles are so incredibly versatile and can be used in a lot of creative projects. Most wine bottle crafts are actually super easy and perfect for beginner DIYers and, of course, if you want to try your hand at something a bit more complex there’s always room for customization and you can always take your projects a step further. For now, let’s stick with some simple ideas. Below you can find a bunch of wine bottle decorations designed to add character to your home. Let them serve as a source of inspiration for your next DIY project.

A cool idea is to turn a clear glass wine bottle into a candle holder. The reason why the bottle needs to be clear is that you’ll be putting leaf branches or if you prefer it flowers inside and then you’ll be filling the bottle with water. The candle will fit on top so make sure it’s not too thin or too thick. It has to be just right so it fits securely without falling through. Check out this project on elsarblog.

There’s another way to turn a wine bottle into a candle holder and in this case you need spray paint. You can paint the outside of the bottle in any color you want and either make it matte or glossy. You’ll have to remove the label and thoroughly clean off any remaining glue first to make sure you get a smooth surface without imperfections. You can find more details on elabellaworld.

If you like that vintage, worn finish that some antique pieces have, you’ll be happy to know that you can give the same look to your wine bottles when you convert them into vases or into centerpieces. Since you probably won’t find any wine bottles with that sort of 3D design on it, you can use a simple trick to personalize them. It involves glue, paint and a sanding sponge. Check out stowandtellu for more details.

You can also turn wine bottles into lanterns and that’s quite easy to do. According to a tutorial from ehow you’re going to need the following supplies: battery-operate LED light strings, glass bottles, a razor scraper, adhesive remover, a diamond hole saw, a power drill, tape and some 120 grit sandpaper.

Although you can simply remove the label off a wine bottle, clean it and call it a vase, if you want it to also look more stylish we suggest using a bit of paint. These paint dipped wine bottle vases look really nice and they’re surprisingly easy to make. You only need a few simple things to make this work: empty glass bottles, painter’s tape, plastic bags and spray paint.

You can also make something special using a set of empty wine bottles. First, you clean them and remove the labels and then you start wrapping string around their bottom sections, applying dabs of glue as you go. Separately you put together a wooden frame with holes at the top for the bottlenecks to fit through. You’ll end up with a wine bottle centerpiece that looks extra charming.

Working with paint can be a lot of fun and can inspire a lot of cool and creative DIY projects, like these bottle vases from craftsbyamanda for example. To make something like this you need empty and clean wine bottles, a piece of cardboard, some white spray paint, a paint brush and some acrylic craft paint or chalk paint in different colors. First you spray paint the bottles white and then you add some color.

This is a wine bottle planter for succulents and it looks wonderful. However, cutting the bottle this way is not easy so we recommend trying to find an existing bottle planter if possible. We love the dark color on this one. It creates a mysterious and elegant aura. Check out more details about this quirky project on succulentsandsunshine.

Save a few empty bottles and when you have enough you’ll be able to make these adorable rainbow lanterns which would look lovely out on the patio but also inside, as dining table centerpieces. Keep in mind that you’ll have to cut the bottles so make sure you look up some tips first. Once that part is out of the way you can paint each bottle in a different color. You can find more details on savedbylovecreations.

Speaking of rainbows, check out this colorful chandelier featured on modpodgerocksblog. The cool thing about this chandelier is that you can make it match your home’s decor by choosing any color combination that you prefer. Before you paint the bottles, however, you first have to cut the bottoms off. You’ll also need pendant light kits.

Some of the projects we mentioned before require you to cut out the bottom sections of the bottles so here’s a project that uses those sections. These are floating candle holders. They’re simple and you don’t even need to paint them to make them look nice. Tainted wine bottles are actually pretty great in this case. Check out all the details of the project on homeyohmy.

Did you know you can melt a wine bottle? Don’t worry, we didn’t know either until we came across this unusual project featured on hunker. The main idea is to flatten an empty wine bottle in a kiln and to turn it into a sort of cool tray or dish. This is what you’re going to need if you want to attempt this project: an empty bottle, a large bowl, some dish soap, steel wool, an electric glass kiln, jewelry wire, wire cutters and beads.

You can do a lot of interesting things with rope, including some rustic and eye-catching wine bottle decorations like the ones featured on cameocottagedesigns. Of course, this project is one of the most complex ones, compared to the easy ideas we mentioned before. Be sure to plan everything accordingly and to check out all the details before you get started.

Since a lot of the projects you’ll find on the internet require you to cut the glass bottles, you might as well learn how to do it safely and properly. First, this is what you’re going to need: a bottle, a bottle cutter, thick gloves, a large pan and sandpaper. There are also other methods for cutting glass but this one is quite simple.

The last idea on today’s list comes from hellowglow and shows you how to make wine bottle tiki torches. The supplies needed include glass bottles, replacement torch wicks, coper coupling with stop, copper tube caps, teflon tape, marbles, tiki fuel and a funnel.

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